Welcome!. We’re Barry Thornton and Bill Leebens.

Between the two of us, we  have over a century of experience in high-end audio  product design, manufacturing, and marketing. Our training goes beyond electrical and mechanical engineering, and into anthropology, journalism, physics, and psychology. We are audio nerds, but we’re not your usual audio nerds.

We’ve come together with a practical understanding that good audio is far more meaningful than just audiophilism. The music we make and listen to  is a soulful expression of the human spirit. It’s about connectivity, focus, fun, and the pleasure of almost half a million years of man’s oldest artifact.  Music.

We want to take involving, compelling music reproduction out of just  the audiophile world, and  into the average person’s world.

To do that, we need your help.

Check out our videos, ideas,goals,  and plans. Help us by backing our project and campaign on Indiegogo. What would you like to know? (512) 912-6820.

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