It’s all about the ‘thrill’, the feeling of excitement and pleasure of the audio experience.

AAW designs and builds audio components to increase and restore the sonic thrill of your music. If you seek greater resolution, detail, sound-space, and wish to restore the fun and thrill of audio listening, then AAW products are for you. Fashioned in the Minimalist School of Euro-Techno Art, the Black Series offers the biggest sonic ‘bang for your buck’ available for desktop, full room, and gaming audio reproduction.

The Black Swan

The Black AMP

Makes vinyl come alive and fun again. A remarkably high resolution and clarity passive RIAA phono preamplifier offering balanced and unbalanced inputs and outputs. Front panel variable cartridge loading and gain adjustments, low noise and high output.

Fill your head with astounding sounds.   An extraordinary resolving power headphone amplifier offering 3 inputs (one Balanced and two Unbalanced), No Feedback Current Carrier Mode Technology, Adjustable Sensitivity and Current Drive Output.  

The Black AMP is now on review tour with SBAF, read the reviews at

NEW – The Black Swan is now on review tour with SBAF offering Balanced Inputs for MC and front-panel cartidge loading.



See new Musings for Cartidge Loading and You Probably have Balanced Phono Wiring.

“Always remember that Feedback sucks the life out of your music”  Barry Thornton

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