‘Hey man, haven’t seen ya in years, where ya been?”

“I be woodsheddin” I respond in a Jersey dialect.

Thus the theater of life begins.

In an earlier life I was involved with several band start-ups. I did sound, both for stage and studio, and when you do that you are in the middle of the rock music industry. I watched musicians (artists) meet and form groups to do art. The first thing they do is woodsheddin’. Go somewhere alone, get their s**t (art) together, and write and practice until they had an act and sound that they could replicate on demand. Then they it the road to build and audieance, a following.

My art is creating audio hardware that causes you to hallucinate, to have illusions of the reality of a musical performance done by another artist. Art is an artifact of man’s imagination and thus by hand or thought. My success is to turn you on, to affect your mood in a positive way.

If I am legitimately an artist then I have to produce art – artifacts that is, and offer them to the world to do their good.

That’s all pretty heady stuff, but fact is that I have to create to make it, second hand art is what copy bands do.

So like my musician friends, I had to come up with (in literal sense) a different and better sound.

And like my musician friends, I went to the woodshed, in this case a quite room and a shop. I started from the beginning to unlearn all that I thought I knew, change my amplifier technology belief set, and take those elements to create something different, something better, something more fun.

I spent 4 years there, it was the beginning of a most interesting journey, one not over yet but at a stage and where reflection and a deep breath are called for. This is only on a rest point on a long and reflective path I am beginning to see through the fog. Following Oat-Willie all the way.

In those four Years I developed all the electronic elements of a complete audio system, that is I developed a Phono Preamp, DAC, Control Preamp, Headphone Power Amplifier, and Speaker Power Amplifier. All using the same basic technology and philosophy of design. All performing better that what existed before, All causing my most powerful critics and customers to say – “You did good”.

Now it is time to come out of the woodshed and start hitting the road with performing products. Wellcome to Part 2 of the journey to make art.

Thank you.