About Us

AAW is a boutique audiophile design company located in Austin, Texas, USA, the live music capital of the world. We began in 2015 developing our ideas and principles as prototype and exploratory hardware circulated among local listeners for critiques and reviews. Circuit and performance alterations resulted from this input and improved our listening qualities. Iterations in technology incrementally improved the performance of units. Thus by engaging in extensive listening evaluation and making state-of-the-art implementations we evolved the products we now present.

Our technologies are based on contemporary physics and electronic principles in accordance with time honored practices. Our senior designer has been active in the audio design community for over 60 years starting with the modification of existing products such as Heathkits and EICO units in the 1950s. He created the Quintessence Audio Group products in the 1970s and 80s then developing products for SAE, Parasound, QED, Adcom, Audionics of Oregon, and Hedgeman. He also did product development with Monster Cable in the mid-80s and in the early 90s developed digital audio technologies for the entertainment industry.  In the mid-90s he created ClearCube and the blade computer along with virtualization hardware and software, after he retired he created Austin Medial Research and spent 10 years on technology to reduce pain. After retirement he returned to his love of audio technologies creating Austin Audio Works. In 2015 he evolved to a new way of looking at audio technology exploring the current rather than voltage domain of signal processing laying the foundation for current AAW products.

Current products in prototype stage include a unique Digital-to-Analog technology manifesting itself as a product called the BlackDAC and a 100 watt version of the Current Carrier Technology found in the Black AMP and targeted at the planar speaker market.

AAW enjoys communicating with our customers as friends and critiquers. It is our goal to expand your knowledge base and understanding of what makes good audio reproduction.


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